Dispersion Inlineprimer Prolac PMI 1

Technical Information

Product Characteristics

Glossy, medium rub resistant dispersionprimer with good stackability.

Suitable for inline varnishing with Inlineprimer and UV-coating in printing machines with double coater devices, as well as offline print finishing with UV-coating. A holohedral application of UV-coating is required.

A maximum of gloss is achieved when Inlineprimer Prolac PMI 1 combination with UV-high gloss coatings, e.g. Prolac UV HGR 1 are applied with a double coater.

Solid Content:

37 – 41%

Suitable for:

paper and carton.


Suitable for all coating devices for aqueous dispersion coatings available at present in the market.

Applied quantity:

3 – 6 g aqueous dispersion coating / m²


airborne drying; accelerated drying with preheated air blast and infrared drying devices.


flow time : 35 – 80 seconds, DIN 4 mm cup at 20°C.


clean immediately machines and equipment after use with water; use special cleanser for dispersion coatings in order to remove caked residues.


stir well before use! Use exclusively printing inks resistant to dispersion coatings (alcohol (spirit)-, nitro solvent- and alkaline-stability required)                                                     

Storage conditions:

Protect from frost, heat and sunlight.use original packaging ; storage temperature : 5 to 30 °C.




  • suitable for inline coating with dispersion and UV coatings
  • gloss enhancing
  • good gloss
  • very fast surface drying
  • very uniform surface cover
  • for short and long delivery
  • double-sided application
  • very good stacking qualities
  • very good wet-blocking resistance
  • highly abrasion and scratch resistant
  • for double coating machines
  • suitable for laminating
  • suitable for paper and cardboard